Our Programs

At Imagine Possibilities, we have programs year round for adults and children over the age of four with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Depending on ability, interest, and need, we have a variety of opportunities that give individuals different settings and activities to engage in. Individual needs are evaluated for the best fit into our programs.

Please complete the downloadable New Participant Information Packet (for adults interested in the ARO, CAP and/or HERE programs) or the Kids’ Program Information Packet (for minors interested in the After School Center/ASC) and email it to Executive Director Kevin Burke to see how Imagine Possibilities can be of service to you. Call (503)649-6110 to set up an appointment to discuss your needs.

Adult Recreational Opportunities (ARO)

Designed for participants over the age of 21, ARO provides participants with social, recreational, and skill-building opportunities throughout the week. Participants in the ARO program participate in groups focused on developing skills to assist them in life, such as cooking, personal care, social and safety skills, reading and literacy, and more. They also enjoy outings into the community, including local stores and attractions, trips into nature, and other locations of their choosing.

Helping Everyone Receive Equality (HERE)


The HERE program is for semi-independent individuals aged 18 and older, who want to participate in community volunteer opportunities. HERE educates and encourages participants to become active members of their Washington County community. It also encourages the community of Washington County to take an active part in the lives of individuals with intellectual or other developmental disabilities, encouraging the treatment of everyone as equals in society.


On Monday, Wednesday and Friday the HERE group volunteers with local organizations such as Oregon Food Bank, Loaves and Fishes, Schoolhouse Supplies and the Cedar Mill Library.

Community Activity Program (CAP)

Our Community Activity Program is a program for young adults focusing on socialization and integration skills. CAP is for individuals 18 and older and offers community integration five days a week as well as programs in the facility, including arts and crafts projects, outdoor sports, games, music, movies and a variety of social skills building events.  They also are using and building skills with iPads allowing them an extended ability to communicate and create.

The After School Center (ASC)

This State of Oregon licensed childcare program is for children age 4 through 17 years old. This program focuses on after-school recreation, parent driven school related trainings and programs. ASC offers appropriate activity based programs, including but not limited to arts and crafts projects, outdoor sports, games, music, movies and a variety of social skill building activities at Imagine Possibilities and in the community.


Please complete the downloadable Participant Information Sheet and email it to Executive Director to see how Imagine Possibilities can be of service to you. Call (503) 649-6110 to set up and appointment to discuss your needs.