Our Former Name

…Formerly known as The Arc of Washington County

On October 1, 2012, Imagine Possibilities disaffiliated from the national and state Arc organizations that we were a part of since 1959. Shakespeare once wrote, “What is in a name?”  It is something that should be trivial, but has the ability to create powerful meaning.  Our programs are the same, our staff is the same, and the Tax ID number is the same. Our name is changed to reflect who we are with a mission and vision that better matched our strengths. The name we chose serves as a constant reminder that all people have a lifetime of limitless potential as long as we actively imagine possibilities everyday.

When our organization was created, it was by a group of concerned families that wanted education and opportunity for their children. Those forward thinking parents volunteered daily and were first teachers at the school from 1959 into the 1970′s. It was important for those families to be part of a larger organization at the time that had expertise and experience that could help them navigate and learn how to provide education and training. It was a sound strategic decision to affiliate at the time. Fast-forwarding to today, we continue to be licensed under strict standards by the State of OR, our staff is continuously trained, and we blaze the path for which our programs exist.

Thinking strategically for the future is important. The Arc specializes in advocacy and Imagine Possibilities specialize in advocacy and “what can be”. Though we advocate for everyone with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we have different core missions and it is better for us to focus all our energy on what we do best. 

Changing the name allowed us to focus on our strengths and return to what we were founded upon, a relentless progressive spirit wanting the best opportunities possible for individuals who have dreams that can turn into realities.  By devoting money, energy, and presence to the community we live in and serve we can best keep that spirit glowing and growing. We look forward to continuing the work of our founders by being progressive spirits bringing a community together to ensure our participants have opportunities to be part of the everyday life that is meaningful, everyday.