Sensory garden Transformation Video

“Once there was a big front garden and an even bigger back yard that had the potential to be so much more. Along came an Executive Director and a Program Director with vision, resulting in transforming the Imagine Possibilities Center property into gardens and spaces that provide the backdrop for Horticulture Therapy, community integration, education and stewardship opportunities.

On any day, even in winter, it welcomes participants and staff alike to explore with their senses, find a place for calm and reflection, or use as an outlet to blow off excess energy. Year round we are able to find something in the garden to use in our weekly cooking group. The center of our small patio hosts a participant designed Memory Garden which provides a place to grieve and be healed. The garden offers us a chance to observe the changing seasons, learn about wildlife, and take pride in our efforts and ourselves.

As a Horticulture Therapist, I am trained to use plants as a modality for many kinds of therapy, from physical to emotional to spiritual. The IP garden is not just beautiful, it is an incredible resource for our participants that they quite often can find nowhere else.” —Peg Falconer, Horticulture Therapist


The Sensory Garden has completely transformed since its inception a few years ago. It began as a dream and was made a reality through a grant from Intel and the hard work of volunteers from Intel, the community, and our horticulture therapist. The garden has grown into a relaxing space where participants can sit on benches and enjoy the view and scents. Participants spend time planting plants, digging holes to plant trees, watering flowers and plants, harvesting vegetables, and learning about gardening.

See the transformation for yourself: