Sensory Room

Imagine Possibilities Center’s sensory room allows our participants a quieter, more secluded space to spend time when they want a break from our more energetic day programs. It is full of light therapy, tactile sensory experiences, comforting seating, and equipment that is designed to soothe or stimulate the senses, depending on participants’ needs. It is a quiet, serene respite that participants can seek out whenever they are feeling under or overstimulated. Our Direct Support Professionals work with Occupational Therapy graduate student interns to learn how to best use the room. We also run daily group activities throughout the day, ranging from yoga to Spanish language class. The room is also always available to participants who want a break to read books, color, take naps, and listen to music.



Thank you to the Oregon Community Foundation, the Collins Foundation, and the private donors who made the Sensory Room project possible.