Below is a preview of what programming at Imagine Possibilities Center looked like before we adapted to Covid-19.


There is always something exciting happening at Imagine Possibilities Center. Our therapeutic programming includes Music Therapy, Horticultural Therapy, Yoga Therapy, and the Social Worker Program.  Take a look at some of the other activities that we enjoy at our center:


Art Programming

There is something artistic happening at Imagine Possibilities Center every single day. Painting, drawing, coloring, jewelry beading crafts, and more happen in the Program room.

Cooking Club

Direct Support Professionals share recipes with participants and guide them in making healthy snacks and treats. Recipes in Cooking Club often use ingredients from the Sensory Garden. They also provide opportunities to learn about where our favorite foods come from.

Empowerment Group

Using curriculum developed by the first cohort of Social Worker interns, our Social Work team engage participants in activities that foster self-confidence and improve life skills. The Social Work team has been successfully running this program for over a year under the guidance of our LCSW.

Spanish Group

Participants learn Spanish vocabulary words and practice with our Spanish speaking Direct Support Professionals. They listen to Spanish music. They practice Spanish on outings to Mexican restaurants and stores.


Bingo, Go Fish, Disney Trivia, and other board games are played regularly at the center. When the weather is nice, group games happen outside. Basketball and soccer are popular. Parachute games and bubbles are also enjoyed outside.

Community Inclusion Activities

Our Direct Support Professionals take our participants all over Oregon exploring their hobbies, making new friends, and trying new activities. Music stores, the library, the Zoo, festivals, coffee shops, and arcades are all popular outings. See where we are planning to go by looking at our calendar and schedules. We are always on the go!