Status of Services During Pandemic

Since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, Imagine Possibilities Center has worked with our community to find creative ways to serve our participants, safely. In addition to our virtual services, we offered 1×1 services for the first time in Imagine Possibilities Center’s history. Now that our community is becoming vaccinated we are preparing for more regular services.

The gradual and thoughtful transition from one on one and virtual services to more regular services has begun. We are expanding our team to meet the community need. We are reaching out to our community and wait list. If you attend you or a family member attends IP you likely have heard from our team by now regarding your interest in returning to in person programming. If not, please contact our Office Manager, Arthur at We expect to offer limited group services by Autumn 2021. We are nearing the horizon of a flourishing post-pandemic, new and improved Imagine Possibilities Center.

As always, safety remains our top priority. We have strict safety precautions in place regarding social distancing in public, including mandatory use of masks by staff and strict cleaning protocols. If in person services are not the best fit for you or your family right now, we suggest looking at our virtual therapeutic services.