About Us

What We Do:

Everyone feels the need to be included and treated as an individual. All too often, participants join us that have been given up on for ability. We hear all about what the person “can´t do” as if the ability to learn stops at a certain age. Daily we think with CREATIVITY to make differences in participants lives with the progressive and creative spirit of our staff and Executive Director. For some participants milestones can be measures in stability of temperament and for others it might be unlocking the ability to count and others is receiving an award for outstanding service volunteering within the community. Whether progress takes a day or years, we always believe in our participants.

Our staff is a team of dedicated individuals from a variety of backgrounds that deeply CARE for the participants at Imagine Possibilities. We are proud of our low turnover with staff because it is a reflection of internal dedication and satisfaction that is an invaluable added benefit. Along with continuous training, the staff frequently participate in team building activities to help them understand first hand what it is like to live with a disability. Experience and understanding contribute to greater compassion in care.

Inclusion in COMMUNITY is important for everyone. We deeply believe every experience a person has to be independent adds up over a lifetime. We create community internally and externally so that ever person included to best meet his or her needs. Within our building, friendships between families and individuals develop daily and last a lifetime. Within the county, our participants volunteer, go bowling, enjoy lunch, and do many more activities that give them a chance to do something new and be social members of society.