About Us

What We Strive For & What We Believe In

Everyone feels the desire and need to be included and treated as a valued individual. But all too often, participants join us who have been given up on because of their ability. We hear all about what the person “canĀ“t do”, as if the ability to learn stops at a certain age. On a daily basis, we work to bring creativity and new opportunities to our programs to make a difference in participants’ lives, and pass on the progressive and creative spirit we strive to cultivate. Our participants and their families have a wide range of goals, ranging from finding ways to be calm and stable, to learning new skills like math, reading, or sports, to giving back to their communities through volunteer service. Whatever the goal, we believe it is crucial to support and believe in our participants, and to help them achieve all that they are truly capable of.

Our staff is a team of dedicated individuals from a variety of backgrounds who all share one thing on common: deep care for all of the participants at Imagine Possibilities. We pride ourselves on longevity of staff and low turnover rates; this reflects our commitment to building lasting and positive relationships with our participants and our dedication to seeing their goals accomplished. Along with continuous training throughout each year to ensure we’re always providing the best care we can, our staff work together to create engaging, active programs to suit the variety of needs of the people we serve. Our philosophy is that high levels of experience and commitment contribute to greater compassion in care.

We also highly value strong connections to and bonds with our wider community. We deeply believe that true independence and choice in life comes from connections, to the families, friends, and places that are important to us. Within our facility, friendships between staff, families, and individuals develop daily and last a lifetime. Within the county, our participants volunteer at community organizations, go bowling, browse at the mall, take trips to parks and nature preserves, visit the library, and many more activities that give them chances to try new things and get involved with their community.